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Naświetlacz LED 100W 24V AC PREMIUM Barwa Zimna

179.46 EUR
From 4 to -
174.08 EUR /

Manufacturer: FX ELECTRONICS
Shipment:24 hours
Product avaliable (120 )
Weight:1.30 kg
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LED floodlight 100W 24V AC PREMIUM Color Cold 6500K

Powerful industrial LED lamp - light source powered by 24V AC. A durable lamp powered by safe voltage from a transformer or generator, designed for difficult working conditions. Equipped with a nylon gland and a UV-resistant rubber cable. Long service life and reliability are ensured by a high-quality LED diode and a special power supply system with a soft start and current lock function. Thanks to this, their startup does not burden the transformer or other power source. In the case of large installations with our lamps, their startup and high starting current do not occur due to the soft start system.

Our 24V AC LED floodlights are used wherever working and safety conditions do not allow the use of 230V voltage. Used in places with high humidity or completely wet places, such as water reserve tanks, where there is a high risk of electric shock.

Our 24V AC floodlights will work as a reliable light source in:

  • - tunnels and channels
  • - water reservoirs and sewage treatment plants
  • - welding industry
  • - on ships and yachts
  • - in shipyards
  • - in automation and production lines


Features of our 100W 24V AC floodlights

The light in our floodlights is strong because we use special diodes of the highest quality, Epistar 45mil. You can read more about good quality diodes from the article - about LED quality. The cables are made of OW 2x1 rubber and are at least 40 cm long. High-strength glands made of nylon. Thanks to this, the entire lamp is waterproof, durable and resistant to external conditions, moisture, dust and shocks. LED floodlights are equipped with an adjustable mounting bracket.The lamps do not cause heavy load when started because they have a soft start module. In the event of a failure, the lamp will be isolated from the transformer because it is protected by a replaceable fuse. The fuse is easily replaceable and easily accessible.

100W 24V AC floodlights have the following features:

  • high-quality premium diode
  • built-in fuse 4A
  • soft start  - our lamps start smoothly
  • power supply system with a large input voltage range
  • nylon gland with IP67 hermetic rating
  • OW 2x1 rubber cable
  • 3-year warranty

Available light colors and colors

Floodlights are available in three colors: warm (3000K), neutral (4500K) or cold (6500K).

We are able to produce a lamp that emits any color of light. Available colors:

  • blue
  • red
  • purple
  • żółty
  • green
  • UV - 365nm 385nm 395nm 405nm
Floodlights available in white and black housing.

Lamp 100W 24V AC Specification:



24V AC  (19V AC -  27V AC)

Supply current: 

 AC - alternating current

Light color: 

COLD 6500K

Light Power: 

4000 LM

Protection level: 





300 x 295 x 60 mm

3-year warranty - We are a Polish manufacturer

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